Brian talking suspension at King of the Hammers (KOH) Johnson Valley, Ca

The life of Brian. Get to know Brian Williams, Founder of CMM OffRoad

Farm raised in America’s heartland.  Life’s lessons were brought to bear in a nature versus nurture environment.  Nature, no better mentor to the student farm boy.  Nurture, a house filled with the smell of freshly baked cookies made with love.  Tough love? No worse for the wear Brain grew up pursuing "engineered risk".  

One of my favorite stories his Dad once told me was how when Brian was a kid he would stack up the couch cushions to make skyscrapers of pillows, cushions and blankets - risk and engineering a sign of things to come. 

He went on to tell us, how Brian would ride the wave of falling cushions from the ceiling to the floor all smiles with a slight giggle resonating from his throat.  Same as today!  Brian engineers it, “rides” it and enjoys the entire experience.

Experience, another skill Brian has mastered.  From the farm to Indy Car open wheel racing to the deserts of South America. Brian has experienced the limitation of vehicles in wide variety of environments with a wide range of specifications - ¼” wheel travel of an Indy Car to the 24”+ of a trophy truck.  Engineering alone is never the answer to a problem the solution involves wisdom. 

Wisdom = Experience + Reflection

Brian's wisdom created CMM OffRoad.  On the principles that he has learned are an integral part of any "solution".

No compromise, No limitations, Versatility, Efficiency, Functional, Fine Finish.



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