Jeep Parts Online: The Product Chain and Trust

Jeep Parts Online: The Product Chain and Trust

Today's post centers around a topic near and dear to us as manufacturers who pour their hearts out into the products we make. Getting Jeep parts online--or any type of product that requires solid engineering and materials, requires trust as well as understanding the supply chain.

Based on recent events we have all heard more about supply chain and distribution channels than ever before.  Toilet paper made the news.  We all know the Amazon story.  B2B, B2C , 2 step 3 step 3PL - I know who I bought it from… or do you.  Is it the “real mccoy”?

What happened to the day when you bought “it” from the craftsman that created “it”?  Here at CMM Offroad we want to improve your experience.  We primarily sell direct to consumers while cooperating with a “boutique” dealer network.  We are often told “I had to search for your stuff.”  While our digital marketing department may not appreciate this comment, we do.  To the extent that our parts are not “everywhere”.  It's not an accident.  From the early days, we always wanted to keep our customers close.  Thanks to our current community of customers we appreciate those who have seen value in our solutions.  Value.  Another reason to “sell direct” or have limited resellers.  Everybody at the table wants to eat. CMM Offroad sells to a distributor, distributors sells to  Jobbers (smaller distributor that resells to shops and retailers.  Retailers sell on the web and may also resell to dealers and international distributors and/or customers.  It is clear that our goal of community can be disrupted to say the least.  Don’t forget that each person wants to eat…

Brand - Creation making of product $xxx.xx

STEP 1 Mfg to Distributor - $xxx.xx *1.3-1.40 - required to allow distributor to “market”

STEP 2 Distributor sells to jobber $xxx.xx * 1.2

STEP 3 Jobber sells to retailer $xxx.xx * 1.2

STEP 4 Retailer sells to you $xxx.xx * 1.2-1.5

Do the math the price more than doubles on its journey, why?  The old days, the 80’s called they want their shorts back!  Opps those are back and the neon colors too.  Unlike fashion distribution doesn’t repeat for the kids of those that lived the good ‘ole days.  Worst yet, the manufacturer, best case scenario earns less than a third of the “profit” from the idea they created.  Not much incentive to create.

Creation, the most valuable asset to humankind.  CMM Offroad is a creator of innovative solutions to improve your experience.  Not all manufacturers are the creators nor the developers of their products.  This is where Jeep upgrades begin a serious differentiation, the “knock-off’ or straight copy create a lot of consumer mystification.  

Jeep Parts Online: Authentic versus Counterfeit

Every time I use a $20 bill I feel like a bit of a criminal as the clerk looks at the bill looks at me then puts it under some light scanner and marks it with a magic marker all the while giving me an interrogation stare.  I always pause and think of the person who may unknowingly be passing a bad bill.  Everyone in prison is innocent right?  In the case of modifications for your Jeep, lack of authenticity could have dire consequences.  Patents and trademarks still need to be defended and that costs money.  We already covered that, if a business is a manufacturer, distributor and retailer they have 3x the money per unit sale to spend than the creator.  Here is an example of a knock off of our product search carolina metal masters on amazon 

As I said, at CMM Offroad we create.  That being said, sometimes our creations interface with other manufacturers’ “creations”.  Jeep for example provides us all the starting point.  When it comes to our solutions for securing your phone or other devices while Jeeping we start with your Jeep.  We use HAAS CNC Machine Tools ( made in the USA) equipment to transform our designs into our “made in the USA” solutions.  No need to wait for an election to vote.  Cast votes everyday with your dollars based on WHERE what you buy is manufactured.  (A topic for an upcoming blog).  Back to your Jeep, small changes we see in their manufacturing tolerances can have disastrous impacts.  Our friends at SPIDERWEBSHADE had to modify their products for Jeep JK and JKU models when Jeep changed the location of the “middle” front footman loop on the windshield. These engineering changes are one of the crucial reasons why when getting jeep parts online, you choose someone trustworthy--preferably someone who makes the products themselves.

Our cell phone mounting solutions in the beginning were all built to use RAM Mount 1” ball compatible products.  We had prior experience with their products and while aesthetically our design department may cringe.  They meet our goal of securing your device in the “upside down” world of wheeling that we enjoy.  As Jeepers do they want it custom, we love that we offer one off coatings to meet your needs.  But a 20mm ball rather than a 1’?  Well?  67 Designs hit the ground running with solutions utilizing 20mm ball mounts.  Time to add a new item…  Also time to revisit our “solution”.  We have had some serious challenges procuring Ram mounts.  Their distribution strategy can have 5 steps!  They encourage you to buy from distributors.  Therefore, reducing the costs they incur and the access to product directly from RAM.  Their website also reflects this distribution philosophy.  The reason we started to offer Ram products was to be certain our customers were getting what they needed and it was authentic.  While we still offer RAM MOUNTS, we are excited to hear good things about 67 Designs from our customers, too.  Additionally, we were recently introduced to TackForm by a customer via email.  

“The other side of the counter” is where CMM Offroad wants to empower customers and those considering an investment in our solutions to understand their options.

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