CMM Offroad Mirror Sacktuary

Explore Stress-Free Mirror Storage with CMM Offroad Mirror Sacktuary

Are you tired of the hassle of storing your Jeep mirrors when they are not in use? Look no further than the CMM Offroad Mirror Sacktuary – your stress-free solution to mirror storage.

Effortless Storage
Designed to accommodate two CMM Offroad 5" Mirrors with 4", 5" & 6" stanchions, the Mirror Sacktuary ensures a secure and snug fit. With custom dimensions of 15" (h) x 9.5" (w), it effortlessly fits under neath the rear seat, making it a versatile accessory for your Jeep


Premium Protection
Crafted from black padded quilted fabric on the outside and lined with charcoal Sherpa faux fur on the
inside, this sack is more than just a storage solution. The padded quilted nylon and faux fur provide a
protective barrier for your mirrors, preventing scratches and damage during storage.


Robust Construction
CMM Offroad takes pride in quality craftsmanship. The Mirror Sacktuary features double-stitched reinforced seams, ensuring durability and longevity. The Velcro end closure adds an extra layer of security, always keeping your mirrors in place.


Versatile Placement
Whether you have a Jeep JL, Gladiator, or JT, the Mirror Sacktuary is designed to fit in the rear Jeep factory pocket. It's a space-efficient solution for keeping your mirrors organized and ready for use.


Proudly Made in the USA
Support local craftsmanship with the CMM Offroad Mirror Sacktuary, proudly made in the USA. The product also includes a CMM Offroad Classic Logo Rubber Patch, showcasing our commitment to quality and style.

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