CMM Offroad RSDR

CMM Offroad RSDR

CMM Offroad has another first of its kind coming soon.  Organizing the interior space in your Jeep has always needed consideration.  The usual challenges of : where do I put my phone?  What about my passengers’ phone(s)?  Etc. Then take a trip.  Luggage, GPS, Tablet.  Add the need to secure your “pack” for trail riding and the solution gets complicated.  Tools, fire extinguisher, spare parts, ice chest/refrigerator.  Don’t forget our dogs!  Not only the what but the where is critically important.  Bury your fire extinguisher, tools or other needed supplies, and you’ll find yourself unpacking, repacking or wondering did I bring that?  Proper organization can improve access and quick evaluation that you have what you need.

Now evaluate, what do I always want to have?  Where should it be?   How do I use my Jeep? Daily driver, commute to work, groceries, dry cleaner, kid mover… road trips, weekend getaways, possible additional passengers, you’ll soon discover the rearview mirror is useless and sudden braking may turn the interior of your Jeep into a “dodge ball” arena.  Add some off-highway excitement and new concerns relating to your “pack” become apparent.  Shifting items contact glass, soft top &/or passengers.  

Our journey has had many twists and turns.  For example our first test on the Rubicon, July 2019 we abandoned our Jeep Gladiator with a broken u-joint, just past Buck Island.  While others rushed to bring products to market we continued to test ours. Our first test Gladiator is now approaching 80,000 miles.  Suffice it to say we have a lot to share.

How do you match a Jeep’s wide range of uses with a cargo management solution?  The short answer is you don’t.  Any storage or cargo management product will be defined by its ability to evolve with your needs.  Take tools storage for example.  Most Jeepers have tools in several locations in and around their Jeep.  Small bag under the driver’s seat - gloves, pliers, zip ties, tire plug kit, baby wipes.  Tool box, bag or roll up somewhere else - large box/bag or multiple packs based on purpose/use.  Large specialty tools, ie.) Ball Joint Press which are only taken on longer OHV journeys have to be accessible but not necessarily within reach.  We’ll share with you how we did it and what we found were the right “tools”.

As with any mission of discovery, our initial thoughts and plans have resulted in several additional discoveries.  We look forward to sharing with you soon.  CLICK HERE to get see sneak peak video and register to see it all first.

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Biggest JL Jeep frustration aside from door drip rails that drip instead of redirecting water – no place to put stuff! Always interested in seeing options. Under rear seat storage does not work if you need to flip them down as it blocks the articulation. No place to set a purse without it becoming a projectile in unexpected hard stops. There has got to be a better solution!

Tina Wood

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