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    JL/JLU Side Mirrors with Base Ball Mount Solution


     *** IN STOCK*** 

     Side Mirrors with Base Ball Mount Solution:

    • Base 3D machined from 6061 Aluminum 
    • Black Cerakote
    • 1” or 20mm ball Mount on each side for electronic devices such as cell phones, GPS, sPOD touch screen, etc.
    Also shown in images is the CMM JL A Pillar Ball mount Solution.Click here to view.

      Side Mirrors:

      • 5" convex mirror 
      • Mirror stanchions are made of 6061 aluminum
      • Black Cerakote
      • Non-marring 'O'rings are in mounting surfaces. They reduce any abrasion & vibration
      • Each Stanchion has a 1" or 20mm ball mount on the end. Good for such things as a GoPro or action camera mount
      • Mirrors are only to be used without doors

      Intended for trail use.

      Please review your state laws regarding legal compliance.


        • (2) A-Pillar mirror mounts
        • (2) 1” Or 20mm  balls for the A-Pillar mount
        • (2) 6" Mirror Stanchions with 1" ball mounts
        • (2) Knurled Nuts
        • (2) 5" Mirror bodies with a convex lens

        ADD a RAM Mount to the Side Mirrors



        Ram Mount Phone Accessory:

        • RAM Mount X-Grip, X-Large Phone Holder with Ball
        • RAM Mount Double Socket Arm

        RAM Mount X-Grip has a clean and clever four leg design that sports great holding power without hiding your phone. This will the most useful accessory in your Jeep. Double socket arm has a socket at both ends that accommodates B Size 1" balls. RAM's socket technology allows for almost infinite adjustment to achieve the perfect viewing angle.

        * This product is currently being shipped in 20 to 30 days from the day of order   


        Installation Instructions