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    Gladiator JT Universal Accessory Mount


    Base Mount:

    • (1) Mounting Plate that replaces the mounting bolt cover. Fits either side
    • (1) Riser plate that can be mounted in a variety of ways/angles. Excellent mounting point for radio bracket or any item(s) you want within reach.
    • Made out of 6061 aluminum and anodized black

    Additional options

    90-degree Adapter:

    • Made to be fully adjustable and can be mounted in either the upper or lower locations.
    • Good for mounting CB Mic Clip to (Cobra 75 WX ST example shown in pics) or a regular CB Mic.
    • Made out of 6061 aluminum and cerkoted black.

    Ball Mount:

    • 1" or 20mm ball mount that can be used in the upper or lower position
    • Use to mount anything from a GPS, Phone mount, Ipad mount, etc. The options are endless.
    • Made out of 7071 aluminum and anodized black


    ADD a RAM Mount to the Accessory Mount



    Ram Mount Phone Accessory:

    • RAM Mount X-Grip, Large Phone Holder with Ball
    • RAM Mount Double Socket Arm

    RAM Mount X-Grip has a clean and clever four leg design that sports great holding power without hiding your phone. This will the most useful accessory in your Jeep. Double socket arm has a socket at both ends that accommodates B Size 1" balls. RAM's socket technology allows for almost infinite adjustment to achieve the perfect viewing angle.