CMM Offroad Jeep Hood Kit

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Title: Black


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Those plastic and rubber hood pieces on your Jeep hood are not built to last. They break, fall off, and fade over time, bringing down the value of your Jeep.

We have a solution. Our Frontman Loop and Desnubber Hood Kit replaces those cheap rubber/plastic pieces with high quality, stylish billet aluminum finished in a durable black cerakote.

Footman Loop (1):

  • Fits JK, TJ, LJ Stock jeep hoods.
  • Machined from solid 6061 aluminum
  • Product is cerakoted black
  • 3D Machined for flow and smooth contour
  • High enough to allow a standard "motorcycle" strap to pass between loop and hood.

Desnubbers (2):

  • Turned from solid 6061 aluminum and cerakoted black. If you are not using your factory rubber snubbers, replace them with these Desnubber. Desnubbers come with stainless hardware.
  • Product is cerakoted black